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Young boxer chooses education ahead of the fist

Super flyweight boxing champion from Mhluzi, Arnel Lubisi, turned down an International Boxing Federation (IBF) offer to fight overseas because of exams. Arnel, son to former South African boxing champion Abram Lubisi, postponed the invitation to fight in the United Kingdom (UK) to concentrate on his exams that are less than 3 months away. He was scheduled to face Lee MacGregor from the UK in an IBF Youth World bantamweight Champion match next month. The 18-year-old boxer from Middleburg at Reabota section is a grade 12 learner at Tshwenyane High School.

Arnel also added that although he is a talented boxer, he had to prioritise education. “I was going to spend weeks preparing for the fight in the UK while my studies are lagging behind as a result I had to make the right decision; to wait until I have sat for my grade 12 exams,” Arnel said.

He added he also wanted to become a good example to aspiring young boxers that talent must to be accompanied by education. “Boxing is a very short career. You need to have something to fall back on after your boxing career is over,” Arnel said.

Arnel, who graduated from armature boxing in March last year, is rated amongst the best in professional boxing in the province. His record speaks for itself; he has 3 wins in 3 fights and 2 Technical Knock Outs (TKO). Arnel recently downed Themba Ntuli on TKO in the first of 8 rounds in Toekomsrust near Randfontein, in Johannesburg. Abram Lubisi the owner of Abram Lubisi Boxing Club, said: “We have another Floyd Mayweather in the making. But he knows I don’t compromise, when it’s time to do school work I give him a break from training to study.”