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Topup Uptiftment Project and World Evangelism

The Topup Upliftment Project is managed from a structured building at 9 Harvard street, Botleng. Masifunde Pre-primary school and Hosios Primary school are situated and managed at this building. Masifunde provides children with a safe environment, the necessary educational material as well as outside recreation facilities. Hosios has an excellent learning program is establishing the important values of individualized education, mastering and goal setting and achievement.

Projects are also managed from this building such as an accredited computer course. Also a vegetable garden project which helps our community members to be self sustainable and a colorful-paint project where we paint houses in colorful paint and African art. We believe that the colorful-paint project in Botleng will make this community a better place.

At the moment some parts of Botleng looks like a slums as do many townships in South Africa, but our community can make a difference to change people’s lives for the better. We want to show that we are a caring and creative community that can make a difference. Botleng means Beauty, and we want to emphasize that she lives up to her name through these projects.

We appreciate the cooperation of Botleng community members who are excited about the colorful paint and African art and those who partake in painting together with the team, bringing new life to Botleng.

Pastor Daniël Badenhorst from Eldamah congregation is the founder of Topup Upliftment Project. He and his wife, Gerda Badenhorst have a vision of World Evangelism.

In reaching our community with the good news of the Gospel, two outreaches per year take place in Botleng. This has been done for the last four years. During some of these campaigns more than a hundred souls gave their lives to Christ. Each outreach is facilitated together with an identified existing congregation in Botleng as co-host of the event. The goal is to strengthen the hands of the existing congregation who preaches the Word of God without compromise as the only way through Christ to be reconciled with God.

During March this year, they held a tent crusade for a week in cooperation with pastor Paul and Busi Marope from Potters House congregation to join hands and win souls in Botleng.

Throughout the crusade, young and old filled the tent. By the end of the crusade thirty quality salvation decisions were made and will be followed up for integration into the nearby church of Potters House.

We will remember the friendly greetings with smiles, the sound and laughter of children playing in the streets, some as young as three years old, hand in hand with an older brother or sister. Apart from the youngsters, there were also a lot of residents, each with their own story and we will never under estimate the impact and effect of each person’s belief system. A belief system that has stood the test of time, and one that will echo into eternity; the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Messiah.