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See, Saw Up and Down at VKLM

Victor Khanye Local Municipality main office

The old nursery rhyme follows the words “see, saw up and down which is the way to London town? One foot up and the other foot down”; this is a rhyme sang in joy as the children play and yet these very words speak volumes of our Delmas town today. See saw up and down goes the Victor Khanye Local Municipality (VKLM) in service delivery, one moment we have water and the next we have water bowsers and the tractors delivering water to residents.

It is this trend that has caused the birth of a movement that seeks to address the up and down spiral in the municipality, more down than up though. The Victor Khanye Local Municipality owes over six hundred million rand (R600 000 000) in total and is owed just under five hundred million rand (R500 000 000). Those figures have led to the up and down spiral we now know as the everyday feature in our area. One moment we will be in the dark the next moment we will see light for another day. It’s a fire fighting operation that is continually taking place in the administration offices and one does hope that they will win the fight but frankly the fire has been burning for a long time.

The transitioning of audit report from adverse to qualified will only in the long run birth adversity that is qualified, there need to be a tap on irregular spending and ensure that community interests lead the way ahead of personal preferences and then maybe only then will we begin to see the clean audits and the town awards that were once a norm in a greening Delmas.

A permanent solution needs to be brought into life in the VKLM corridors but the question remains as in who is responsible for our downward spiral? And what message will be understood by not just the local government but the provincial wing as a cry to bring a lasting solution to our ailing municipality. The faith in the Mpumalanga province being the answer is falling in the area with voicers now uttering the 1994 language of amalgamation “take us to Gauteng”. This is clearly because of the failing state by our province to avert the crisis that is faced by several municipalities in the province and the formation of a metro municipality through the conglomeration of the Nkangala District is definitely not seen as the answer.