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Ntokozo Makhathini shines as she achieves idols Top 10

Ntokozo singing her lungs out to stay in the competition

19 year old Ntokozo Makhathini born and raised at Witbank is South Africa’s Top 10 Idols 2018. The former high school student from Greendale with a soothing voice paved her way to pursue her dream through her musical talent by entering SA Idols 2018. Not only a singer she says “what my supporters do not know about me is that I am humble person. I am also a twin but we are not identical though and I am also a PK ‘Pastor’s Kid’”.

Ntokozo also attests to what has been revealed in the Idols reality TV as she reaffirms her love for music “I am very passionate about music, which is why I entered SA Idols 2018. I saw an opportunity to accomplish my dreams, Idols is the biggest singing talent search platform in South Africa and I believed that being a part of the show would help me grow my talent in the music industry. Now that I am in top 10 the story has changed, being here really means a lot to me, it is a blessing which is currently the greatest success for me, I feel very excited and appreciative”.

In a heart-warming message to her supporters Ntokozo continue to air her gratitude to the supports who have voted for her so far in her journey and reaffirmed her positivity in life remarking that “I strongly believe that I will be your next Idol 2018, yes confidently I am going to win as I am positive with myself and through your votes that keeps me going. I will need all the support I could get from Mpumalanga”. Ntokozo is readying to pour herself out as oil in giving back to the community of Mpumalanga which needs inspiring figures like her, pre-empting some of the ideas that she be rolling out at the end of the season. Mpumalanga stands to benefit out of her experience and exposure as she has planned to engage herself with assured organizations around the province and Witbank in programs that will be aimed at inspiring the youth in the community that is dogged by a high rate of alcohol abuse by youth, teenage pregnancy and abuse of drugs. In the interview with Highveld Chronicle Ntokozo also reveals her passion within the academic platform as she exposed that part of her dream is to ensure that “the youth must take education as a fundamental to unlock doors of success, it is the key, I am definitely continuing further in my studies”, seemingly not just being a coach but a doer too.

As if it was not enough already at the end she once again passed her gratitude to all her supporters for voting for her, “I wouldn’t be on the Top 10 if it was not for your votes and the love you provide, kindly continue in voting for me. I love you all”. She encouraged her supporters to follow her idols Facebook Page Idols SA Ntokozo Makhathini.