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AmaBen10 receiving their medals after winning the final

The football final was the epitome of the Gosa Easter games tournament as the free scoring Mabena Boys locked heads with the deceptively named amaBen10 for the forty-thousand-rand stake. The semi-finals had witnessed the Mabena Boys wallop PSG four goals to one (4-1) all before the amaBen10 had edged past Vavaland with a 1-0 victory.
It was a treat the football lovers in the Delmas community had been waiting for as when the kick off time was approaching numbers began to throng the Mandela football grounds before sequentially stationing themselves along the touch line of the football pitch.

The game took off with the same excitement it promised, there was a skilful and a thrilling display of football, this was indeed a final and someone was going to walk away with the R40,000 chunk. Mabena Boys drew the first blood within the opening ten minutes and the crowd went into a frenzy this was in my view the fuel needed to open up the game.
AmaBen10 were not going to be left out of the fun and after a good spell of possession managed to even the scores to one all (1-1) from an exquisitely struck set piece. This was indeed a game of class the calibre of football in display left tongues wagging and neutrals like me giggling in excitement, this was indeed the beautiful game.
Having tested the glory of a goal amaBen10 could not be denied as they took the lead after a blunder from the Mabena Boys goal keeper who spilled the ball straight into the opponents’ feet and made it an easier task for amaBen10 to take the lead. The halftime whistle sounded as the teams headed for the break at 2-1 in favour of amaBen10.
The second half resumed with amaBen10 the team in the lead making the most of their chances and securing yet another goal to reach a two-goal advantage 3-1 was the score and it was all or nothing from then on for the challengers Mabena Boys. The Mabena Boys found the net as they pursued to equalise and set the score at 3-2, still one goal shy of equalising. The fight continued as the Mabena Boys began to dominate the ball and show the bite that got their team to the final. However, it was not to be as twice they were denied by the woodwork, the referee blew the final whistle and there was joy and jubilation in the amaBen10 camp as they were crowned the deserving winners of the Gosa Easter games tournament.
In the netball games Stars and Stripes walked away as the ultimate golden girls after getting to the finals via a dominant goal difference. The Stars and Stripes were tied on points with the Vultures as in the round of three both teams had managed to overcome the hotshots yet their game ended in a deadlock.
This was a well-set tournament and an escalation in comparison to the Gosa Annual tournament. There was halftime entertainment from bikers and the prize money was quadrupled for the winning team. Such tournaments are key in Delmas as they will grow the quality and level sport in both the quality football and netball played within our town.