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Meadow Feeds employees in uproar

Police standing outside the Meadow Feeds gate trying to control the situation

There was pandemonium on Sarel Cilliers Street in Delmas as employees contracted to Meadow Feeds went up in arms in protest over delayed payment of their wages. The employees broke into an uproar when some of the trucks with the feed produced at Meadow Feeds were about to drive off to deliver feed yet they had not been paid wages which were overdue.

The uproar was followed by the employees blocking the trucks from leaving the Meadow Feeds premises and the three trucks that allegedly are contracted to Meadow Feeds by Barlow World were stationed along Sarel Cilliers Street and blocked the entrance to the Meadow feeds plant in Delmas. Some of the employees ran berserk and damaged the windscreen of one of the trucks and as this happened security reinforcements who had just arrived fired rubber bullets at the protesting crowd. The firing seems to have been misdirected as the two injured victims that Highveld Chronicle spoke to indicated that as much as they were part of the contracted employees at Meadow Feeds, the security personnel fired at them when they posed no threat whatsoever. Nkosinathi Sibanyoni indicated that he was just seated along the Meadow Feed palisade fence when he was shot at and a rubber bullet struck his leg. Some of the shops on Sarel Cilliers street where damaged by the stray bullets that were fired recklessly at a public area and resulted in damage to windows of two shops adjacent to Meadow feeds.

The employees that spoke to Highveld Chronicle indicated that they were being betrayed by Karlie Feebach and cited that their wages were way below the government stipulated minimum wage. Victor Khanye falls under areas not covered in area A on the minimum wages for domestic workers, the minimum wages for domestic workers who work over twenty-seven hours and up to forty-five hours per week are R11.89 per hour. This is averagely what one Meadow Feeds employee who declined to be named indicated they earn. Meadow Feeds however falls under the farm and forestry sector which should carry a minimum wage of R18 per hour.