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Mbuyelo soars on Mandela Day

VKLM Executive Mayor Eva Makhabane with Mbuyelo Coal officials and the school staff

Mbuyelo Manungu Coal set a new standard for 67minutes in Delmas as they redefined the boundaries of what 67minutes has normally been associated with in the confines of the Delmas community. The mandate of the 67 minutes as rolled out by the late statesman Nelson Mandela is to bring together people from all around the world to fight poverty and promote peace and reconciliation.

In a fight against poverty the Mbuyelo Mine gathered at Mafa Max Motloung Secondary school where they donated complete desktop computers and a printer. Speaking at the school the Manungu Coal General Manager Sello Monnanyana stated that Manungu Coal mining house had identified the school as beneficiaries of this gift because of the excellent results that are continually been churned out at the school “we want to be associated with educational excellency, everybody wants that and as long as that continues we will also be mandated to stand with you as an academic facility”.

The SGB chairperson Milton K indicated that it was a big day for the school as they received the donation for the school, indicating that this gift was a show of support for the technological advancement of the school. The Mbuyelo Coal Executive Director Vutomi Siweya also spoke to the students during the handover and stated that “community involvement was something not only close to his heart but close to the heart of Mbuyelo, this is why we are mining, to be part of the community and take care of our own”. Vutomi Siweya also added that the seed that Mbuyelo had planted in the form of the donation needs to be watered by the students so that it can bear fruit as he reminded the students that “determination is success”.

The Victor Khanye Local Municipality Executive Mayor Councillor Eva Makhabane spoke at the gathering and addressed the students indicating that respectable relationship between the local government and the mining houses was the reason why such programs are rolled out as seen here with Mbuyelo Coal Mine. The Mayor continued to extend her gratitude to the mining house indicating that their response is always positive 99% of the times.

The Mbuyelo Community Specialist Phindani Makamu then ushered the delegation which included the Executive Mayor, Mbuyelo staff and Community Development Workers to Vukuzenzele preparatory school where they embarked on a program to bring to life the children’s play area. The touch of paint on the play area was accompanied by the donation of blankets to all the children at the play centre and the donation of a complete gas heating system to the school facility thus ensuring that the cold is a thing if the past.