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Let’s drive campaign

Mbuyelo’s Ntshovelo Colliery embarked on a differing mission this youth month, as they introduced a campaign to ensure that the youth of Arbor are equipped as licenced motor vehicle drivers. Ntshovelo Mine operates in Arbor a community where they continually roll out projects that are aimed at improving the community and the lives of the people who live in the area.

The Ntshovelo mine manager Humphrey Mohlahlo indicated that “the drivers licence program was part of their soft skills campaign that empowers the beneficiaries with skills that can place them in other areas that are not restricted to the mining industry”.

Ten beneficiaries have formed part of the first phase of this soft skill drive, the beneficiaries have already started their training in preparation for both the oral and the practical assessment by the traffic department. Highveld Chronicle met with some of the beneficiaries who indicated with excitement the opportunity afforded to them adding that there was no way they would fail the assessments.

Considering the barrier on the limits with regards to the number of employees an organisation can absorb at a time such drives are key as they still afford the community members with skills that can be used in other business sectors.