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From interested to committed

Mzizi Sam Base - Highveld Chronicle Editor in Chief

Not so long ago I was interested in doing a lot of things that I defined as my life dreams, I was interested in being the change and making an impact in my community. I was interested in being a young achiever and breaking the limits. This seemed enough for me until I heard the call to commitment, a shift from interested to committed. I heard that interest operated in the convenience circle whilst commitment was an issue of sacrifice. Another example was set before me and that was a big awakening, I was told that when I look at the breakfast plate I see and fried egg and bacon and these two things were a clear picture of the difference between interest and commitment, the chicken had done what was convenient and given me an egg yet the pig yet sacrificed his life to be my bacon.

As a result, I got down and asked myself these questions, have I been committed to my dreams and my goals? Have I been committed to losing weight and achieving the desired look? My answer to all these questions was a straight no so I sat down and asked myself what do I need to do to change? To transcend from interested to commitment, to be a goal achiever and not a dreamer? The audio teaching that I was listening to then outlined three main steps for me to reach my desired goals.

  1. What do I need to learn?
  2. What do I need to believe?
  3. What do I need to do?

This revolutionised my mind in that taking action along these three points would birth my goals and lead to dreams achieved. I did not want another day to pass before sharing these points with you our reader so as to share in the discovery, perchance you are on the same plan.

Change comes with new skill, a common saying states that if one does the same things over the results will never change, change is about the acquisition of a new skill, if one desires to change their salary bracket they should acquire a new skill. Skills are keys that allow us to be solutions. When we learn new things, we become solutions to new challenges. The goals that we set for ourselves are new challenges and in order to realise them we need to acquire skills that will equip us to walk as experts in that front.

The second step to the realisation of goals is our belief system, I remember growing up and being told that I was not going to amount to anything in life, I say that not to state my arrival but to indicate that the road I am on is progressive. Let us go back to the belief system, the society we are raised in more often than not talks us down, we are made more aware of our incapacities than of our abilities. We need to change the voices in our heads and continuously reprogram our minds to believe that we can do it. Speak constantly to yourself and programme your mind to believe that the goal can be achieved.

The last step is more the essential step, a famous quote reads that “you cannot climb a ladder with your hands in your pocket”. There is work to be done, in order to realise the goal, we need to take action, to put in the work and move from stagnation to action. To arise to the call to give more always despite the circumstances. Let us stand up and be counted, let us put in the work and sacrifice so as to achieve our goals as we move from interest to commitment.