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“Fixing the Country” arrives in Delmas

The “fixing the country and ridding spazas of the expired goods” drive took off in Delmas this week. A team of youths led by Slash Sepenyane in Delmas were the talk of the town as they were trending on the social platforms in the area.

The group peacefully descended on the unsuspecting shops in the Delmas central business district and inspected the products on sale and in the warehouses searching for anything that had reached its maximum shelf life. The group visited five shops on the first day and cleared out goods worth close to thirty thousand rand. The goods were taken to the Victor Khanye municipality storage where they were stored away before being disposed.

Word seemingly had reached those shops in breach as some were found in the process of burning expired goods whilst some expired goods were found dumped in the bush in Delmas. The worrying factor is that the disposal of these good seems to indicate that the perpetrators were aware of their short comings and if that is this case how much damage has been done willingly to humanity not just in Delmas but nationally. The self-appointed Delmas inspectors of expired goods conducted themselves graciously as there was no report of any violence on their first two days of operation. The question though then returns to the local government health inspectors, for how long have they been turning a blind eye to this mess that has in some areas of the country turned really messy.