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Visible delighted Vezimfundo learners who were among the recipient of school uniform from Universal Coal

As much as it is mandatory for the Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) program to be rolled out, the value of the mandate and the willingness of an organisation is reflected in the areas in which the program is rolled out. This is what we discover as we take a closer look at the Kangala Coal operated mine Universal Coal Development 1. The mine has rolled out programs from grass roots levels to high income generation programs in the range of empowering a tuckshop all through to trucking companies.

Universal Coal is becoming an ever-present feature in working in partnership with the Delmas community and a footprint of their existence within the area is slowly beginning to over shadow that of other organisations in the area. In the latest spate the mine has through the ESD created a firm foundation on Delmas businesses, granting opportunities and in the same frame and creating a life changing income for both the owners and the employees.

The awarding of contracts to the SMME’s in waste management, mini retail in the form of a tuckshop, gardening and hygiene services as a development program has ensured that financial and technical expertise is afforded to these organisations to launch and grow their businesses. The transportation of coal is also another area where Universal Coal has launched a mandate to ensure that Delmas residents also benefit from the mining business in the area, several local trucking businesses have been awarded contracts in that space bringing a diversity that caters for a bigger business bracket.

When it comes to the clear community interest one cannot shy away from the school uniform programs that the mine rolls out periodically so as to cater for the less privileged. The recent donation of another 10000l water tank to the Eloff residents following elongated periods of water disruption is another small act that speaks volumes when considering the awareness of the mining house with regard to partnering with the community, for both the big and the small needs in Delmas.