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Double Murderer toys with justice

Phyillicent and Samkele Shabangu who were gruesomely murdered by Precious Lucky Ngwenya. PICTURE: Supplied

The accused Precious Lucky Ngwenya and his co-accused wife Nompumelelo Ngwenya will leave to regret the day they attempted to mimic Bonnie and Clyde in being husband and wife criminals. The two are both accused on five counts which incorporate two murders and grievous bodily harm and theft together with kidnapping.

It is alleged that on the 7th of Devember in 2016 Precious and his co-accused wife gruesomely ended the lives of both mother and daughter Phyllicent Shabangu and Samkele Shabangu respectively. The accused were appearing at the Delmas courts for the third time this week and having previously pleaded guilty and subsequently withdrawn the plea before dismissing his state lawyer accused number one Precious Lucky Ngwenya seemed to be playing the same cards once again. The appearance this week was eagerly awaited by the family and witnesses who seek to close this chapter that is still a protruding wound in their hearts.

On his third appearance at the Delmas court the accused number one Precious Lucky Ngwenya pleaded guilty to all five charges raised against him shortly before his wife accused number two Nompumelelo Ngwenya pleaded the true opposite in not guilty on the same charges raised against her. The proceedings then reverted back to the representative of the accused number one who read an official statement that was signed by Precious Lucky Ngwenya where he narrated the modus operando of the whole ordeal which was received by sadness and wet eyes in the court gallery.

Upon completion of the narration by the representative of Precious Lucky Ngwenya he then fell into the same mode of silence a stance he had adopted all before pleading guilty to the five charges raised against him, this time however the silence was followed by his request to speak to his legal representative all before the court was adjourned. At the return of the proceedings accused number one had altered his sworn statement and indicated that he had forced his wife to be an accomplice to the act.

Precious Lucky Ngwenya the accused number one then returned to his old stunt of changing pleas and once again indicated that he had been forced to plead guilty, and his original plea was not guilty. The magistrate then proceeded to move the case to the next phase of a trial on the plea of not guilty. Speaking outside the Delmas Court the Delmas Executive Mayor Eva Makhabane spoke to the Highveld Chronicle in her capacity as a member of the ANC women’s league which has been supporting the family throughout the court proceedings she stated that “we are here to show our support for the Shabangu family and we are sick and tired of seeing women being murdered by trusted members and as now is the time for action to be taken”.