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Delmas Court sits of King Pin of heists trial

Heist king pin Wellington Cenenda.

The Delmas court is becoming a power house in the light of heist cases that are sitting within its terrains of justice. The Delmas court that housed the subsequent sentencing of thirteen individuals in February for the what is on record the biggest cash heist ever undertaken in this week opened its doors for the trial of the heist king pin Wellington Cenenda.

Wellington Cenenda also known as Bibi has allegedly had several run ins with the law for over twenty years have been in the docks for charges that range from theft to murder. It is alleged that Wellington Cenenda is the mastermind behind most of the cash heists taking place across the nation. He was arrested in Bloemfontein following a Hawks driven crime intelligence operation.

Also appearing in the Delmas courts this week was Precious Ngwenya who stands accused of the double murder of a mother and daughter who had trusted him and welcomed him into their house as a helper. The case was postponed to the 01/10/2018 for trial, this is seen as a victory in the right direction as Precious has been dillydallying with the judiciary system in the form of changing one attorney after another.