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Debt collector survives death scare in Delmas

Fikile Bili bandaged scars after medical attention. (Picture supplied)

Fikile Bili the owner of Zandile Management a debt collection company that was hired by the Victor Khanye Local Municipality to collect debt escaped the jaws of death after being bruised by community members in Delmas in what was billed as a mob justice attack. The incident happened on the morning of the 7th of May. It is stated that Fikile Bili walked into a municipal administrative meeting at the council chambers and disrupted the meeting as he chaotically requested that the municipality authorities pay him the amount of two hundred thousand (R200,000) owed to his company. When Fikile was requested to calm down an eye witness stated that he went berserk and picked up a water jar hurling it at Thabo Mashabela one of the Directors at the municipality.

The municipality authorities then allegedly tried to restrain him before he grew more violent and a scuffle ensued which ended in the acting municipality manager Linda Zwane and Sabelo Masina acquiring cuts from the jar. Fikile Bili then ran out of the municipality offices as he fled the crowd of community members who were witnesses of the scuffle and were now attacking him. It was not long before they managed to get hold of him and what followed was an encounter with the mob that left him with two deep cuts on the head and some bruises on his body.

Had the crowd not been restrained the worst could have resulted; a criminal case has been opened for the man who is owed a 20% commission by the Victor Khanye municipality for collecting debt on behalf of the municipality to the value of one million rand.