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Daybreak visits Sizofunda Primary

Sizofunda Primary children enjoying the day

Daybreak Poultry took a turn on Mandela Day and visited Sizofunda Primary School as part of its 67 minutes’ drive. The poultry power house undertook a project which was at the heart of the school authorities seeing that the school facilities continue to grow. The school recently erected a play area for the early stage learners being grade the grade R’s and the grade 1’s. The challenge faced by the school authorities has been making safe and the regulation of the play area to ensure that the right age group continues to benefit from the play area.

Daybreak answered this call and erected a gated palisade fence around the play area, this set up will ensure that the fear of the play area being abused by older grades will be a thing of the past. The facility was officially handed over to the school by the Daybreak CEO Boas Seruwe. Mr. Seruwe spoke to the learners at Sizofunda Primary School and encouraged them to continue to dream and to pursue their dreams because achieving their dreams can be realised. This he said highlighting the upbringing of the struggle icon tata Nelson Mandela in that whilst his beginning was small his ending is great.

The school children were treated to fun sessions as they played on jumping castles and when the energy wore out Daybreak was at hand with a chicken meal to ensure that the stomach was once again filled. The learners also managed to take home braai packs and some got t-shirts to show that they had been at the Daybreak Mandela Day celebrations and done that.