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Preparation beyond closed doors

18 August 2018

I have heard the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand for a long while now but never before had it occurred to me...

Mandela, the great leader

1 August 2018

As we celebrate what would have been a centenary for Nelson Mandela, it is crucial that we take time to reflect on one of...

Break barriers

1 August 2018

After twenty years and two months of the border conflict that resulted in a violent stand off between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the “peace bird”...

Closed doors are not the end

22 June 2018

There is a common myth that so often derails the subject and leads to the fainting of the heart. It is the encounter of...

This is significant

27 May 2018

It cannot be that we remain in the same setting dormant as the dodo or vanquished as the Vandals we are the future and...


13 May 2018

As we end another week I look back at the short happenings that have seemingly stood as stumbling block before me. My archiving has...


13 May 2018

Another outstanding stateswoman in Winnie Nomzamo Madikizela Mandela passed on this week, and rightly befitting the flags will be flying at half-mast until the...

From interested to committed

13 May 2018

Not so long ago I was interested in doing a lot of things that I defined as my life dreams, I was interested in...