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Break barriers

Mzizi Sam Base - Highveld Chronicle Editor in chief

After twenty years and two months of the border conflict that resulted in a violent stand off between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the “peace bird” took flight from Ethiopia to Eritrea carrying within it passengers that had been separated from their loved ones for years. An Ethiopian man married to an Eritrean woman was amongst those on board and he as a father had not seen his two daughters and wife for over sixteen years due to the shutting down of the border between the two countries. As I read and watched the videos of the reunification encounters I was reminded of the joys that we as humanity are short changed of due to our self-inflicted barriers.

We so often are driven by selfish ambitions that ensure that a few individuals benefit and yet the greater population suffers. However, these barriers are not always external conflicts and violent stand offs, in most times they are within us and stand as the reason we stop at a point we define as our limit. Ronald Reagan the 40th President of the United States of America stated that “there are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves create.

Why have you chosen to erect barriers and draw a limit on your goals, dreams and targets? Is there no cause greater that will fuel the fire inside of you? Remember that a human soul on fire is an unstoppable force that cannot be extinguished, even by death. When we acquire a cause that is bigger than ourselves even in our death the button is passed to those that remain. What is the reason you have chosen not to rise up and be more? Is it the fear of failing, I was afraid of failing once and every now and then I fail to reach my desired targets, I however have learnt that my failures today are not the end, but the acquisition of data that informs my tomorrow.

Martin Luther King Jr in a speech days before his assassination stated that “I may not get there with you but we as a people shall get there”, The man of love killed by hate fought for the equality of the black people at a time when such inequality was a global norm. Martin Luther was not there to see the height of his dream in Barack Obama being inaugurated as the first black President of the United States but his co-civil activist Jesse Jackson and the whole world were there to see the dream come to life, and the barriers broken.

Today I am not speaking much on the external but imploring you to be a bit more considerate not to others but to yourself, to rekindle the dream and ignite within you the flame because after all dreaming is a form of planning. In honour of our struggle icon tata Madiba adopt his remark and promise yourself that when you achieve your goals you will agree with him that indeed “it always seems impossible until its done”. Go on break the barriers and discover new joy in your life.