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Police Van loaded with the recovered stolen items

Along the busiest road in Botleng extension three there sits in plain sight a den of thieves, a house that has been serving as store house of stolen property, wares and fuel. Enter the second offering of the operation fiela and the den of thieves was unearthed. Drums of diesel and numerous twenty litre containers were pushed out of the door one after another as the SAPS joint cluster operation began emptying the house. Two engines, a motorcycle and other wares made up the long list of the things that included two oil pumps, a crack shaft, a compressor charger, a chainsaw and alternators were found inside the house.

“It’s unbelievable that a small house like this can house so many things inside” said the SAPS communications personnel as they continued to empty the house. Speaking at the launch of the operation fiela 2 the National Police Commissioner General Khehla Sitole stated that the main thrust of the second offering of operation fiela “was to deal with criminals effectively and ensure that crime hotspots are closed”

One suspect that is linked to the house was arrested on the day of the search and seizure operation that took place along the Nelson Mandela drive located house. The operation continued its mandate as it visited suspected drug hotspots in search and seizure operations, the SAPS officials managed to confiscate bags that contained dagga, dagga plants and syringes with “cat”. Such an operation needs to be a continuous feature in Delmas so as restrict the supposed ease with which the drug distributors operate in Delmas.

Delmas had become a crime hotspot in its own light and there is a concern in the community as the hijackings of the past that were thwarted by the resuscitation of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) are slowly beginning to resurface again. The bud will need to be nipped again early on and ensure that serial criminal operations are averted in the area. In a separate incident just outside the rebel mini market in Delmas the SAPS officials recovered a stolen Nissan UD truck that had been hijacked from the owner in Boksburg.