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A Daybreak Youth Day

Through a prepared address to the youth gathered Orlando stadium to commemorate the youth day this past Saturday, President Cyril Ramaphosa stated that “Today, we also celebrate a new generation of young freedom fighters who have dedicated themselves to the struggle against poverty and inequality; the struggle for dignity, prosperity, and justice for all.” The same youth this past weekend gathered at Sundra high school under the wing of SANCO. The SANCO ward eight branch had organised some sporting activities in Delmas as their way to remember the youth of 1976.

The same sporting festivities that were held at Rietkol Primary School last year where this time around during the 42nd year commemoration of the youth day taking place at Sundra High School. Whilst the games normally take the centre stage, the food served during the day is normally the other thing most people certainly look forward to. Daybreak Poultry has over the last two years remained a constant in the sporting fixtures held within ward eight, their terrain of operation. This year’s youth day saw the organisation sponsoring the games without a blink of an eye through the provision of their classic braai pack chickens.

The teams gathered at the games where from the informal settlements of Savanna, Mimosa, and Sundra across other areas. One of the significant factors about this tournament is how it manages to involve the settlements that are normally overlooked when sporting activities take place. Speaking about the June 16 sporting event Thuthula Ndunge the Daybreak Marketing and communication officer stated the importance of such gatherings to the Daybreak organisation as a whole “we believe in supporting the sporting activities as a whole and it is a key aspect for Daybreak to partner with the community when such programmes are being rolled out”

Thabiso Mavuso from SANCO in ward 8 reiterated his gratitude over the support and aired that the organisation has been an active member in supporting the cause of the community and that of SANCO in the area.